Getting Started With Mobile App Development ? Know the procedure

Many best ideas end up in dustbins because of lack of proper guidelines. So it is quite important to have expert advice from team having experience in transforming vision into outstanding reality.

In this Blog, we are going to know about must have knowledge of Development process for Mobile App Development.

Before you start there are a few important points that you should be aware of.
First, you need to understand all the key aspects of your vision.
Secondly proper planning of Mobile app project like business objectives, Target Audience, proposed timeline, and budget, etc should be done on micro level because this phase decides whether your vision will come to reality or full the bin garbage.


Once you decided to opt any for Mobile App development, it is a very important aspect to prepare and present proper Project Requirement Document as it transforms your concept into a fully functional mobile product.

A Project Requirement doc comprises-
Vision and Objective(s)
Customer or User Journey
Features List
Product/Services Detail (s)
Technical Specifications
Development Platform
Development & Testing
Final Deployment & Maintenance


Well, Before you write technical requirements for your business, you need to decide what platform you want to develop on Android OR iOS and it completely depends on your Region or users density. Like, Western countries are more in iOS and Asian in Android vice versa, So you can easily make your platform choice.


Designing isa very important phase of any Mobile Development is something that decides your App success or failure. A badly designed or user-unfriendly App creates a negative image of the business. So designing is the important aspect that needs to be considered on priority and also needed to be polished with time and technology up gradation.


Once the Designs are finalized next phase comes is development where Coders uses their coding expertise and brain in bringing these designs into live action. The development includes Backend development and Front end Development. Once the development is complete Mobile App needs to be tested on all Mobile devices for bug fixing and its optimization.


Upon testing of Mobile App on certain Benchmark tests the final stage comes is deployment to store. Like Play store for Android or iTunes for iOS or Web server where user can download and play with your Mobile App. Maintenance includes future updates and real-time optimization once your App is live on Mobile platforms.

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