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Digital marketing packages are pretty crucial for building up a proper business. There are diverse digital marketing plans and pricing that can help any small business grow well and see the limelight.

However, one cannot afford all the diverse marketing strategies available in the market. And so, they will be seeking help from a righteous source. If you are one such small business looking for some help in finding customized digital marketing packages, Then Our company can be a one-stop solution to all your digital marketing plans and pricing.

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Keywords 5 10 20 50
Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
Initial Backlinks Analysis
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing (SMO)
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Email Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Duplicate Content Check
Initial Rank Report
In Depth Site Analysis
Broken Link Check
Google Penalty Check
Backlink/Inbound Links Analysis
Online Reputation Check
Social Metrics Analysis
Social Metrics Analysis
Link Building Strategy
Google and Bing Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics Integrations
Mobile First Indexing Enabled
Mobile Responsiveness Check
SSL Check & Recommendations
Site Favicon
404 Page Creation
Call To Action Set Up
Research & Analysis
Website Analysis
Initial Backlinks Analysis
Competition Analysis
Keyword Research
On page Changes Upto 10 pages Upto 20 pages Upto 25 pages Full Website
Title Tags Optimization
META Tags Optimization
Content Optimization
HTML Code Optimization
*Website Responsive Check
Website Permalinks Analysis*
*Schema Markup Analysis & Creation Analysis only Home Page
Page Speed Analysis*
Internal Linking Optimization
Heading Tags Optimization
Canonicalization/301 Redirect
Images Optimization
Hyperlink Optimization
Robots.Txt Creation/Optimization
Sitemap Creation
Google Webmaster Tools Setup
Google Analytics Setup & Integration
URL Structure Analysis
Fix Mobility Issues
Footer Optimization
HTML & XML Sitemap
H Tags Optimization
Featured Snippet Optimizations
Guest Blog Links 3 8 12 20
Search Engine Submissions
Blogs Social Bookmarking Links 20 40 100 200
Webpage/Blog Post On Client' Website 1 2 5 10
Custom Graphics And/Or Illustrations To Support Your Blogs
Contextual Links
Keyword Used In Anchor Text
Web 2.0 Profile Creation 1 2 3 5
Web 2.0 Profiles Bookmarking Links 2 5 10 20
Press Release Submission 1 3 5
Press Release Bookmarking Links 5 10 15
Social Bookmarking Links 20 50 100 250
Classified Submissions
Guest Blog Writing 1 3 5 10
Webpage/Blog Writing On Client' Website 1 3 5
Press Release Writing 1 1 2
Infographics Writing 1 In Every 6 Months 3 Months 3 Months 1 Months
Web 2.0 Profile Writing 1 3 5
DOC/PDF Submission 1 1 1 2
PPT Creation+Distribution 1 1 2
Article Submission 1 1 2
External Blog Setup
Blog Optimizations
Keywords Research for Blogs
Blog RSS Feed Submission
Blog Directory Submission
Blog Social Media Integrations
Blog Social Media Sharing
Profile Optimization
Creative Image Posting 5 8 16 22
Post Sharing In Groups 5 8 16 22
FB Timeline Status Posting 5 8 16 22
Cover Image Creative And Upload 1 3 (In a year) 5 (In a year) Unlimited
Group Join 1 5 10 15
Targeted Page Likes
Video Making and Sharing
Facebook Insight Monitoring Through Google Analytics
Pixel Setup
Ad Campaign Monitoring
Catalogue Creation **Paid Activity **Paid Activity **Paid Activity **Paid Activity
Dynamic Ads Creation **Paid Activity **Paid Activity **Paid Activity **Paid Activity
Instant Experience Ads Creation **Paid Activity **Paid Activity **Paid Activity **Paid Activity
Customization Of Ad Placements **Paid Activity **Paid Activity **Paid Activity **Paid Activity
A/B Testing Of Ad Set, Creative And Placement **Paid Activity **Paid Activity **Paid Activity **Paid Activity
Carousel And Collection Ads **Paid Activity **Paid Activity **Paid Activity **Paid Activity
Traffic Monitoring
Monthly Report
Deleting of Unwanted Spam
Profile Optimization
Tweets Posting 5 8 16 22
Targeted Twitter Followers Increase
Cover Photo Creative And Upload 1 2 3
#Hashtag Trend Research
Twitter Analytics Monitoring
Profile Optimization
Instagram Image Sharing 5 8 16 22
Targeted Instagram Followers
Comments & Likes Management [Engagement Strategy]
Instagram Analytics Monitoring
Instagram Reels Posting 2 3 7
Video Making and Sharing 2 3 5
# Hashtag Research
Post Tag to Followers/Friends
Profile Optimization
LinkedIn Post Sharing 5 8 16 22
Targeted LinkedIn Connection
Company Page Creation 1 1 1
Company Page Follower Increase
Relevant Group Joining
Performance Review
Job Posting
Profile Optimization
Board Creation
Pins Posted
Website Verification
Business Account
Account Creation/Management
You Tube Background Design
Video Creation & Optimization
Video Submission 1 2 3 5(On time requirement)
YouTube Keyword Research
Embedding Videos in Article/Blogs
Video Title/Description Optimization
Video Tags/Channel Tags
Social Sharing of Videos
Video Submissions
Google Ads *** *** *** ***
Facebook *** *** *** ***
Instagram *** *** *** ***
Twitter *** *** *** ***
LinkedIn *** *** *** ***
YouTube *** *** *** ***
Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Product Listing Ads (PLAs)* If Applicable If Applicable If Applicable If Applicable
Campaign & Ad group Development
Keyword Research
Creative Ad Copy
Cost Per Acquisition Optimization
A/B Split Testing
Landing Page Design & Optimization* *** *** Free Free
Display Advert Banner Designing* *** *** Free Free
*** $200 $250 Free Free
Monthly Email Distribution 10K 10K 15K 15K
Custom Template
Target Customer Keywords, Area
Campaign Run Once a Week Once a Week Once a Week Twice a Week
Reporting Monthly Monthly 15 Days 15 Days
Google Website Optimizer
A/B Testing & Implementation
Visitor Analysis
Call To Action Analysis & Design
Site Navigation Analysis/Modification
Website Copy Analysis
Google Page Speed Optimization $200 Extra $150 Extra $100 Extra Free
Website Conversion Optimization
Conversion Funnel Optimization
Analytics Setup & Monitoring
Webmasters Setup & Monitoring
Google AdWords Conversion Code Setup
Google AdWords Remarketing Code Setup
E-commerce Tracking
Goal Conversion Setup & Tracking in Analytics
Email/ Chat /Calls/WhatsApp
Project Management and Monitoring
Project Reporting
  • (* and $ in US Dollars)
  • (**Paid Activity- Paid Advrt charges wherever applicable to be paid by the client)
  • (***Additional Charges -As per client's requirement & at time of project agreement. Paid ads billing from client's end )
  • (For exact pricing as per your preferred currency, Contact Us here)

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