Fintech Solutions

Fintech is nothing but an abbreviation and a combination of ‘Finance and Technology’ that aims to revolutionize the financial world through better use of technology. This industry has observed exponential growth in recent years hence resulted in limitless opportunities in this emerging platform. For simplified access to financial services, Uniconserve has developed new technologies and ideas in order to offer the best and alternative financial product that disrupts the existing ones.

Our Fintech Services


Financial Services

Uniconserve provides in-depth cross-asset research, along with access to financial services, foreign exchange through its business units. We employ an integrated designed model for Corporate Clients and Investors to provide them with comprehensive wealth management solutions.

Whether you are an institution, Corporate, or an established financial business and planning to get into this exciting industry, we help you reach your business goals in all aspects.


CRM Services & Platforms

With markets emerging to digital worlds, consumers require a personalized and immediate response to their queries. Our Customer Relationship Management solutions are leveraged with consumer-centric techniques.

We help our clients with unique CRM specially designed for their business to boost sales, productivity and improve customer service – while reducing operational costs. Also, we help you to supercharge your customer interaction, deliver smarter services and achieve customer excellence


Trading Platforms and Website Hosting

Uniconserve offers specialized and dedicated financial hosting and an automated trading platform full of features. Our financial hosting is leverage with features like Information latency, and super high-speed processing, Additional security layers, and Pre-installed software which helps in faster trading and decision making where micro and Nanosecond matters.

Additionally, we also provide full support and administration for Trading servers, Tele calling solutions, and Backoffice operations.


Payment Solutions And integrations

To meet the payment processing needs of today’s Financial Businesses, Uniconserve provides powerful and secured payment gateways integrations that allow you to easily and securely accept all card payments within your CRM, accounting, or any E-commerce website or Mobile App. We Deal in All payment aspects like Software integrations, Payment gateway, Website, and Mobile payments, and Point of sale. Our payment gateway is rich in features effective plug-and-play and simple to use.

Our Technologies

Technologies we provide in Fintech services are basically to automate the delivery and use of financial services with the help of the best tools and make it easy to manage all financial operations.

Robotic Process

Robotic Process Automation

  • Scalability
  • Orchestrator
  • Robots


  • Geth
  • Solc
  • Remix IDE

Payroll Software

  • Mobility
  • Records
  • ESS


  • ESS
  • Workflows
  • Accounting

Online Payment

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Stripe

Artificial Intelligence

  • TensorFlow
  • Cortana
  • IBMWatson

How we make a difference

  • Regulated protocol and uniform processes
  • Excellent Fintech Solutions to improve your streamlined processes and existing product line.
  • Emerging the way financial institutions interact with customers and contributing in enhancing efficiency, reducing costs and downtime.
  • We create innovative ideas and easy services for Turnkey Brokerage services, Payment Solutions, e-money transaction, CRM and Backoffice solutions.
  • Increased-Transparency Increased Transparency
  • Capital-Raising Capital Raising ideas
  • Investment- ManagementInvestment Management
  • infrastructure-cost Reduce the infrastructure costs
  • Customer-Support Customer Support Automation

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