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Prop-Trading Business in a Smarter Faster, and more Futuristic way!

Step into the future with our state-of-the-art technology and expertise!

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Cutting-edge Trading Technology
Market Data & Analytics Tools
Access to the Largest Capital Pool
Robust Risk Management System

Outperform the Market with Amazing Features

Uniconserve offers cost-effective, low-maintenance solutions with excellent support, making it an ideal choice for getting started.

A Customized Solution

Customize your trading experience with our tailored solutions, including custom platforms, risk management tools, and reporting solutions.

Advanced Trading Platforms

Get access to fully customized ultra-fast trading platforms that comes with advanced trading tools, market data, and features.

Risk Management Tools

Manage risks effectively with our comprehensive suite of risk management tools, including real-time monitoring, position tracking, and alerts.

Automated Trading Systems

An automated Trading systems with sophisticated algorithms designed to reduce risks and improve trading efficiency.

Backtesting and Simulation Tools

Empower brokerage firms to test trading strategies and identify weaknesses with our advanced backtesting and simulation tools.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Equip your traders with advanced data analytics and reporting tools to identify opportunities and generate detailed reports for clients.

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Execute trades faster and more efficiently with our robust infrastructure, featuring low-latency connections, co-location, and direct market access.

Compliance & Regulatory Support

Ensure compliance regulation and regulatory support, helping brokerage firms navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

Liquidity Solution

A deep liquidity pool offering exceptional access to high-volume financial instruments for optimal liquidity.

Streamline Your Prop Trading Success in
4 Simple Steps!

Expert Business Consultation

Consult with Uniconserve experts for a detailed product info, business plan and strategy.

Licensing & Registrations

Register company with regulatory authorities & obtain necessary licenses. (Optional*)

Trading Technology Integrations

Build trading infrastructure with the help of Uniconserve's technology.

Prop Trading Launchpad

Launch your Prop Trading firm with Uniconserve's ongoing support and guidance.

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